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Welcome to the Centre for Lifelong Learning

"Personalizing Adult Education"


1. November registration

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Welcome back to School!

Adult Programs

Credit Program:

The Centre is accepting registrations for the November module. (click here).
Call and make an appointment to meet with one of our knowledgeable counsellor. eet with a counselor to determine what is required to obtain your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Daytime classes start November 14. 2016.

Continuous entry at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Please read on: Earn a credit in either GLS 4O: Skills for Success after Secondary School or GLN 4O: Navigating the Workplace, depending on your individual pathway that will be determined as part of this new class. This class will also review your past academic achievements, determine your best path for graduation to earn your Ontario Secondary School Diploma and where you want to go next: to employment or post-secondary education. As part of the assessment it will be determined whether you will need upgrading of your skills before you start the credit program to better prepare you for success.

Some of the areas of exploration for the credit courses include learning skills, personal life management, exploration of career opportunities, preparation for transition and change and essential skills for working and learning."

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program:

ESL classes: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Join ESL classes and improve your English skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and more! We offer classes based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks  (CLB) Levels 1 to 7. The Centre also offers employment training programs that will give you the tools to enter the Canadian job market in the following fields:

• Specialized Language Training (SLT) Administrative/Clerical and Customer Service


• Enhanced Language Training (ELT) Contact Centre. The (ELT) Health program allows you to work toward an employment pathway in the health sector. Read more

*Students must be Landed Immigrants or Convention Refugees - not Canadian Citizens


Attend an information session, every Tuesday at 1:00 pm, to start ESL courses. Click here to see the new courses available as well as instruction in Canada Language Benchmark classes.

Literacy and Basic Skills Program:

Contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning, 519-675-4436 and speak with a counselor to start a pathway to learn and or enter employment. This program helps students develop literacy and numeracy skills, or to polish those skills.


Art Mensink
Art Mensink attended the Centre and successfully completed the adult upgrading non-credit program in addition to the credit program. He earned his Ontario Secondary School Diploma at this school. Currently, Art works full-time as a bus driver for Voyager. In his own words, Art is “doing a job I love”.

Of his experiences at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Art reports:

“Out there, I had a chaotic knowledge of the world. At the Centre for Lifelong Learning, I was in a structured, well laid-out world. Looking back, I see that going here was like opening a window to the rest of my life. The teachers and staff helped me regain my faith in the educational system.”

Chris Doward
I went to the adult upgrading program to get what I needed [for credit]. I earned my Ontario Secondary School Grade Twelve Diploma. It wasn’t that easy, though.

When I grew up, I wasn’t connected to anything... I gave up [on myself] a lot of times. But at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, people believed in me. They never stopped helping me even during the difficult times.

This year, I finished first-year seminary college with a 3.70 G. P. A. I want to get my Religions Education Bachelors degree…I credit the teachers, support staff, and everyone at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. They kept working with me to keep me on the right path.

Engage in Life. Go to the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Ashley Wyatt
Before I came to The Centre for Lifelong Learning, I really didn't believe that I would be able to do something like Child and Youth worker in a college. The people helped me to see what I could accomplish and achieve. I never thought that I could do certain subjects, either. The teachers at this school encourage us students to go for it! I talked with teachers about my not being able to do credit work. They interrupted me and said, "Ashley. You can do it." And I did the courses. And I will go to college!

The Centre for Lifelong Learning gave me the drive to do what I never thought I could do. Lambton called and offered me a position in their program. I've accepted it and begin classes September 2014!

Go to the Centre for Lifelong Learning. They'll accept you and they'll help you!

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